SFAL’s learning tour to Tanzania

The members of the Sector Forum for Agriculture and Livestock (SFAL) organised a learning tour to Sokoine University of Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) in Morogoro, Tanzania between 14th and 19th January 2019.

The objective of the tour was for the SFAL members to acquire knowledge on model farms management practices for successful implementation back at home; and to familiarize with the impacts of successful achievements of priority areas, and what it means for the region.

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) creates linkages between farmers, educators, researchers and government, to generate and inspire, locally-relevant knowledge in agroecology. Read more about Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania.

At SAT, the SFAL members were taken through the training centre and model farm, where they learned sustainable agricultural practices, rangelands management and livestock production.

At Sokoine University of Agriculture, the SFAL members learned about pasture management and production; fodder storage; dairy farming; milk processing; chicken keeping; honey production and processing.

From the study tour, the County Executive Committee members from each County identified one key learning point that they would implement in their respective county. One common lesson though came from one Maasai farmer called Kasilima.

His story goes, he once owned a large herd of indigenous cows similar to those in many pastoralist contexts in Eastern Africa. He wanted to increase his income through improved breeding. He sold 400 of his cows, bought a 60-acre piece of land and settled. He purchased improved and exotic breeds. Consequently, he significantly increased his milk production which he sells to a processor. He also processes excess milk locally. He has managed to educate all his children through his farm.

If you would like more information about this trip, contact the Secretariat at info@fcdc.or.ke.

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