SFAL holds its 9th meeting in Mandera

The County Executive Committee Members of Agriculture and Livestock departments in FCDC member counties constitute the Sector Forum for Agriculture and Livestock (SFAL). This group of Ministers under the coordination of a Coordinator, organise quarterly meetings to foster information sharing, learning and coordination of key activities in the FCDC region.

The 9th meeting was hosted in Mandera on 2nd and 3rd May 2019, by Hon. Johora Mohamed Abdi, the CECM for Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation, Fisheries and Livestock Services for Mandera County.

The objective of this meeting was to review progress in implementing SFAL activities, notably in the development and operationalisation of the common framework for disease control for FCDC region; development of a Regional Fodder Strategy; Sector Plans; Value addition in camel milk; and knowledge management.

A Common Framework for Disease Control in the FCDC region

Livestock disease control plays a crucial role in ensuring that the health and welfare requirements
for animal production and trade are properly adhered to and that food and other products produced
from animals are safe for use.

The purpose of the Common Framework for Livestock Disease Control for the FCDC region (2019 – 2022) is to provide direction for the improvement on the delivery of disease control services to higher standards in the FCDC region.

A thorough analysis of the current livestock disease control services delivery highlighted several shortcomings. This Framework thus charts a new direction for the rendering of efficient and effective livestock disease control services, supporting broader societal and governmental strategic objectives.

In a related vein, SFAL has developed a common strategy for fodder production to address solutions to the existing fodder deficit in the region.

As it is practice with many SFAL meetings held in the counties, this was an opportunity to explore development initiatives in the host county, particularly in the livestock and agriculture sectors. It was clear that Mandera County has made significant strides in the few years of devolution, and the leadership has huge ambitions to transform this northern Kenya county.

Mandera has made huge strides in not only the agriculture sector, with the development of modern model farms, including a fully operational zero grazing unit.

In matters health, Mandera has sent 13 local doctors to undertake specialised courses abroad. 3 have already reported back, 2 will report back in December and the rest thereafter. The health facilities have the state of the art equipment. Similar facilities have been established in Elwak and satellite facilities in Dandu, Dark ale etc. Dandu health facility in collaboration with the Philips Company has state of the art connectivity and is the centre of excellence for tele-medicine.

Mandera also has cast up a modern technical training institute with 320 students doing courses such as electrical and electronics, plumbing, mechanics. The trainees are fully sponsored by the county government. The machines are to be maintained by the parent manufacturers over a period of 5 years. One local technician was sent to China for in-depth training on the machines.

Overall, Mandera has invested in large infrastructure projects, and have inculcated sustainability and operational plans.

SFAL is currently supported by the Swiss Development Cooperation through the Livestock Sector Strengthening Project. For more information, email: info@fcdc.or.ke.

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