About LSF

The FCDC Sector Forum for Lands and Physical Planning (LSF), is an instrument under the FCDC is a platform for discussion and harmonization of county policies and sector plans with the aim to create synergies on issues related to Land and Physical Planning.
County Executive Committee Members (CECs) of the ten FCDC Counties hold regular meetings and the LSF Secretariat implements decisions taken by the Forum.

LSF Priority Areas for 2021-2023

1. Community Land Registration

LSF members have put community land registration as a high priority across all FCDC member counties.

2. County Spatial Planning

County Spatial plans are extremely importance in guiding development, grazing and planning and as such, LSF will be supporting the coun ties that are yet to do their spatial plans with the technical support and lobby for funds needed.

3. Establishment of GIS Labs in counties without

This priority ties in with spatial planning and the hope of increased capacity with the GIS labs, will in turn assist in county spatial planning.

4. Revenue Generation from Land (Own Source Revenue)

Finally, the generation of own source revenue from land and digitalization of county land registry wraps up the priorities for the sector forum.

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